Villa Cosmo

Unwind in the serenity of Villa Cosmo, a space of pure sophistication. Perched at one of Providenciales’ most prestigious vantage points, you are poised to be mesmerized with the unparalleled ocean vistas painting your view with vibrant hues of turquoise and azure.

In collaboration with Roche Bobois, the interior design of Villa Cosmo features distinctive furniture by Roche Bobois Paris. This prestigious brand partners with top designers to offer guests a unique experience, surrounded by exclusive, art-inspired furnishings.

Your stay with us transcends mere holiday; it’s an exclusive journey or fine art tailored to your desires.

Our story of elegance begins with the details. Carefully designed: Expansive Open-Plan Living, Dining, Kitchen, and Terrace Space.

Our Room Sizes

Step into a world of luxury and elegance with our spacious accommodations at Villa Cosmo. Each room is meticulously crafted to offer generous dimensions and premium amenities, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

1st Floor - 6872 Sqf

Bedroom 1: 301 Sqf
Bathroom 1: 122 Sqf
Living Area: 925 Sqf
Bedroom 2: 247 Sqf
Bathroom 2: 113 Sqf
Dining Area: 925 Sqf
Lounge Area: 1517 Sqf
Pool Area: 355 Sqf
Terrace: 1442 Sqf
Kitchen Area: 925 Sqf

2nd Floor - 4987 Sqf

Bedroom 3: 430 Sqf
Bathroom 3: 146 Sqf
Gym Area: 624 Sqf
Bedroom 4: 392 Sqf
Bathroom 4: 125 Sqf
Bedroom 5: 365 Sqf
Bathroom 5: 150 Sqf
Terrace: 2131 Sqf
Living Area: 624 Sqf