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Terms And Conditions

Reservation Process

To secure the property, kindly submit a filled-out reservation form accompanied by the initial payment, calculated as 50% of the total reservation fee. By sending the completed reservation form, you acknowledge and consent that we bear no responsibility for any kind of loss you may experience or sustain. Following the acceptance and processing of the reservation form and initial payment, a confirmation of your reservation will be provided in writing. The contractual agreement between us is established once you receive our written confirmation and is governed by these terms and conditions. We hold the discretion to decline any reservation before issuing the written confirmation. Should a reservation be rejected subsequent to payment, the full amount will be promptly refunded. It is imperative that you examine the details in our written confirmation upon receipt and promptly contact us to rectify any discrepancies or oversights.

Finalizing Your Reservation

The remaining amount of the Rent and a Security Deposit must be remitted to us no later than 30 days (60 days for Christmas/Thanksgiving) before the Start Date specified in our written confirmation. If the payment isn’t made timely, we may regard the reservation as annulled by you.The Security Deposit will be reserved for covering expenses related to any excessive cleaning needs or repair/replacement stemming from significant soiling or damage to the property and its contents during your stay. The Security Deposit, minus any amounts withheld for the reasons mentioned, will be returned to you within 14 days after your check out date.

Cancellation or Modification of Your Booking

To cancel or alter your booking, send your written notification to . Your cancellation or amendment is officially registered only upon our issuance of a written acknowledgment to you. For cancellations made within 7 days from our written booking confirmation, a complete reimbursement will be provided. Beyond this 7-day period, if you cancel more than 30 days (60 days for Christmas/New Year’s) before your scheduled Arrival Date, your initial 50% deposit will be forfeited, but any additional paid balances will be refunded. Cancellations occurring less than 30 days (60 days for Christmas/New Year’s) before the arrival date will result in the forfeiture of both the deposit and the full balance paid.

Client-Side Cancellations or Changes

We anticipate proceeding with all bookings as agreed. However, unforeseeable circumstances may necessitate adjustments or, in rare instances, cancellations of bookings on our end. In such scenarios, we will promptly reach out to inform you of any booking alteration or cancellation. Should a cancellation from our side become necessary, you will be refunded for any payments you have made to us.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and good condition of the Property, its furnishings, kitchen appliances, utensils, glassware, electronics, and similar items provided for your use. You are expected to avoid damaging the walls, doors, or windows of the Property and to refrain from any behavior that might be disruptive or considered nuisance to us or to neighbors in adjacent or nearby properties. You must take appropriate measures to protect your personal belongings. We are not responsible for any damage or loss of your property, except in cases where it is due to our negligence.

You are required to ensure that every member of your party has comprehensive travel insurance (that covers cancellation, flight delays, and loss or damage to luggage and other personal items) and health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage).
The number of people staying in the Property must not exceed the authorized amount. Alterations to the composition of your group during your stay, or bringing a pet into the Property, are not permitted without prior arrangement and written confirmation. Violation of these conditions may result in us denying access to the Property or asking you to leave, which will be considered as a cancellation made by you.
You must grant us, or our representatives, permission to enter the Property at any sensible time during your stay if urgent repairs are needed.

Addressing Concerns

We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable and hassle-free stay at the Property. On occasion, you may encounter issues or concerns that require attention. In such instances, swift communication and action are crucial. Should any problems arise during your stay, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us at the earliest opportunity. Prompt notification is critical for us to effectively address and resolve the issue at hand. Delayed reporting can lead to challenges in remedying the situation and may, in some cases, make resolution impossible. It is in both of our interests to address any concerns directly and immediately while you are still accommodated at the Property. This allows us to investigate and address potential issues without delay, particularly those that are time- sensitive, such as matters concerning the Property’s preparation or condition. Bringing such matters to our attention in real-time enables us to take necessary corrective action and enhance your overall experience.

Limitation of Responsibility and Liability ( Indemnity and liability)

We will not be held responsible for any disruptions to your stay that arise from uncontrollable circumstances, including natural disasters, government actions, fires, labor disputes, acts of terrorism, wars, harsh weather conditions, floods, or external noise like construction, traffic, animals, or noises from nearby properties. Compensation or refunds cannot be provided under these conditions.

We disclaim all responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property, and are not liable for any injuries, accidents, delays, or inconveniences that may occur because of transportation defects or the actions of any companies or individuals involved in
transporting guests to their villa accommodation. Such transportation services are independent from Skyline Villas Renting Inc. Moreover, we deny any liability for injuries, including those that result in serious harm or death, experienced by any member of the guest’s party or anyone visiting the guest at the villa during their rental period. It is a clear requirement that all guests possess adequate health insurance as well as personal injury and liability coverage throughout the span of their villa rental.

By signing this agreement, you, the Guest, and all individuals accompanying you at the Villa agree to assume full responsibility for your safety while utilizing any on-site facilities, which include but are not limited to the swimming pool (no lifeguards available), gym (Villa Cosmo), terraces, and stairs. This also extends to the use of any furnished items and electrical appliances, especially those found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Before operating any equipment or facility unfamiliar to you, it is your duty to exercise due diligence and implement necessary safety precautions. Our company disclaims all liability for injuries of any nature that may occur due to the use of the villa’s amenities. It remains your obligation to act cautiously and prevent any incidents from happening to you or those in your party. Our financial obligation to you, the Guest, under any circumstances, is strictly limited to the range of the amount you have remitted for your rental duration.

Governing Law

The contractual relationship established herein is anchored in the laws of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Consequently, both parties—yourself and our company—concur that should any disputes or matters of contention arise from this agreement, the resolution process will exclusively take place within the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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