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Villa Cosmo

Filled with modern elegance and sophistication, Villa Cosmo is perfect for those seeking a vacation experience like no other. Featuring stylish rooms and inviting living spaces, all adorned with expansive furniture pieces, Villa Cosmo seamlessly blends contemporary chic design with the tranquil allure of coastal living.

Villa Skyline

This contemporary 5 bedroom villa features expansive terraces on two levels, providing an awe inspiring 180° vista of the sea—one of the most picturesque panoramas on the island. Every room offers a captivating view of the sea.

Villa Luna & Villa Pluto

An epitome of contemporary elegance nestled in the heart of Skyline Villas. These exclusive residences transcends the ordinary, offering a seamless blend of modern chic design and serene beauty.

Villa Jupiter & Villa Venus

Coming Soon!


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